Copper Sinks from the Eclectica Partnership

Welcome to the Eclectica Partnership, a company specialising in luxury copper sinks and copper basins which are handmade to exacting specifications, ensuring a superb appearance and unique style.

We also stock a range of complementary accessories, including our stunning range of period bronze taps, which have been especially created for the Eclectica Partnership by the exceptional Perrin & Rowe of Mayfair.

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Copper Sinks

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25 Years of Copper Experience

The Eclectica Partnership was formed with a commitment to quality, and over the last quarter of a century we have sought out the finest copper sinks and basins available. In an age of mass-production, our collection includes only items that are unique, elegant and as individual as you are.

If you are looking for an eye-catching centre-piece for your kitchen or bathroom, then please take a moment to browse our copper range. We stock a wide variety of beautiful copper sinks and copper basins that have been expertly crafted using techniques shaped by generations of tradition.

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Garonne 3705
Basin Tap


Barbazan 1700

Copper - The Benchmark of Quality

A legacy of knowledge is inherent in Eclectica copperware. The highly skilled craftsmen who create each piece employ techniques and tools that have changed little over hundreds of years. They will not, and cannot, be rushed since there are echoes of alchemy in the patient and trusted methods they adopt. Each small basin takes a complete day to produce, and larger farmhouse sinks can take up to three days before they attains the high standards of the artisans.

Copper sheet, which varies in gauge according to requirements of the design, is hammered by hand to form the shape of the bowl, and during this operation the piece is heated on several occasions. This heating process helps the forming of the copper, and also governs the variation of colour and creation of the beautiful antique patina. This ensures that no two pieces will ever be identical.

Copper exudes a rich warmth, almost as though it has a soul, and over time the patina develops and changes in accordance with how it is treated. With a little tender love and care, your new copper sink will be an attractive feature of your home that is certain be admired by all who come across it.